Turn-Key Construction


TLDI has established relationships with many architectural, engineering, supplier and construction partners in North America, Mexico and the Caribbean. By joining forces with these experienced partners, we offer an integrated solution that encompasses the entire development process, from sketching out the first designs to handing the keys over to the final resort operators.

Our project-specific teams are typically comprised of several niche companies working together under a single contract, such as a Design and Build with a Lump Sum Price contract or an EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) turn-key contract.

Unlike large international firms with pre-established vendor lists, TLDI has the freedom and flexibility to select companies that are best suited for our Clients’ individual projects. Our experience working on the investor side has shown us time and time again that this collaborative, turn-key approach results in reduced conflicts, higher quality, faster execution, and lower costs – typically at least a 15% cost reduction compared with working with larger firms.