Project Management


Advancing a remote construction project from concept to completion demands experience, technical expertise, and time. TLDI provides our clients with these resources, including both project leadership and the staff to manage the day-to-day details. Unlike a typical project management firm, which only provides administrative and technical support, our team comes to the table with a strong background in hospitality property design, engineering, construction, development, and management.

Our clients hire TLDI because they want more than a team of paper pushers. They appreciate the value-added that our experienced team delivers to help tackle development challenges, solve construction problems, and avoid regulatory pitfalls, all while managing the everyday details and keeping your entire project moving forward in a timely manner.

The TLDI team understands the resort business because we’ve worked on every side of it. We’ve been the developers, the investors, the architects, the engineers and the contractors. This level of expertise is something that most project management firms simply can’t offer.