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Expert knowledge meets efficient administration.

Getting a construction project from concept to completion demands experience, expertise, and time. Most property owners simply don’t have enough knowledge to lead the process effectively or the staff to manage the day-to-day details. TLDI offers both. Unlike a typical project management firm, which only provides administrative and technical support, our team comes to the table with a strong background in hospitality property design, engineering, construction, development, and management. When you hire TLDI, you get more than a team of paper pushers. You get a team of seasoned professionals who can help you tackle development challenges, solve construction problems, and avoid environmental pitfalls, all while managing the everyday details and keeping your entire project moving forward in a timely manner.

The TLDI team understands the resort business because we’ve worked on every side of it. We’ve been the developers, the investors, the architects, the engineers and the contractors. This level of expertise is something that most project management firms simply can’t offer.


Start-up Planning & Design Phase Services

  • Permitting and construction feasibility analysis to buy new land / properties.
  • Defining overall project goals.
  • Develop a master schedule for the construction project.
  • Prepare a master budget for the construction project.
  • Prepare list of possible technical service providers such as architects, engineers, surveyors, environmental consultants, interior designers and landscape architects.
  • Define scope of work and request proposals from technical service providers.
  • Negotiate contracts and manage technical service providers.
  • Document responsibilities of all team members.
  • Site survey and analysis.
  • Engage regulatory authorities and manage permit processing.
  • Develop project cost control reporting system.
  • Continuously review progress drawings and specifications.
  • Establish methods of construction.
  • Monitor compliance with applicable building codes, fire safety and ADA standards.
  • Monitor compliance with target market and hotel operation requirements.
  • Perform constructability and value engineering reviews.
  • Perform periodic cost checks to insure the “as-designed” project is within budget.
  • Manage consultant payment.
  • Attend Client and consultants design meetings. Document and distribute minutes.
  • Identify long lead items.

Bid Phase Services

  • Assure absolute integrity of the bidding process.
  • Identify the best construction approach – bidding process, scope of work packages, types of construction contracts, insurances and bonds.
  • Prepare bid packages.
  • Establish bidders list, market project and promote interest.
  • Hold pre-bid conferences.
  • Compile prospective bidder questions; document answers in pre-bid addenda.
  • Evaluate contractor qualifications.
  • Analyze bids.
  • Compare bids to estimates and budgets and make recommendations.
  • Begin reviewing economics with bidders, reviewing possibilities of additional value engineering.
  • Recommend contract awards.
  • Disseminate award notices, contracts, notice to proceed to successful bidders.
  • Assist in securing all necessary insurance, licenses, and bonds from successful bidders.

Construction Phase Services

  • Conduct preconstruction conference with successful bidders.
  • Expand master schedule with contractors into CPM schedule.
  • Update total project costs.
  • Prepare contractors’ contractual agreements.
  • Monitor bond and insurance status.
  • Prepare Site Managers daily reports.
  • Establish and maintain project account of each contract in coordination with the Client’s accounting department.
  • Monitor construction schedule.
  • Monitor submittal process.
  • Monthly reporting in coordination with Client’s accounting: cost control, cost-to-complete analysis and budget update, and scheduled payments during the month.
  • Prepare and negotiate change orders.
  • Monitor compliance with applicable OSHA regulations.
  • Monitor compliance with applicable Environmental Management Plans.
  • Establish a Hurricane Preparedness Plan.
  • Maintain job record prints and specifications, as well as library of shop drawings, submittals and samples.
  • Confirm that orders have been placed for long lead items.
  • Attend site visits and job site meetings as required.
  • Report immediately to Client any important issue requesting an urgent decision, and make recommendations.
  • Help contractors get timely answers to work-in-progress questions.
  • Monitor quality control of completed installations and of testing services.
  • Manage FF&E and OS&E purchasing in coordination with Owner’s hotel operator, and within the total project budget.
  • Resolve “punch list” items.
  • Complete project close-out portfolio (assemble warranties, as-built documents, operation/maintenance manuals).
  • Organize classes on facility operation/maintenance for involved staff.
  • Coordinate occupancy inspections and attain permits.
  • Receive and review Lien Releases.
  • Close-out contracts.